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Perfect service

Great service. Fast delivery. Great product.

Great product and great seller

Great product, it fits perfectly on my Mavic Air front leg :) Also, great customer care and communication!

Great product and great seller

The product is top quality and so is the seller and the customer care :)

Great service, fast delivery from Germany to Ibiza. Small tags, no impact on weight or performance of Drone.


Very nice product!

Perfect: easy to read, small, lightweight.

Top quality

I'm sure it will last much longer than stickers or transfers. It's also very small but clearly legible and can be put anywhere. The only downside is that it is very expensive.

Good, as advertised

Arrived on time, nice small, but clear printing. Fits nicely on drone arms. Good product, but not sure if it’s flameproof, as required in Germany

Antwort vom 2 January 2020

Thank you - it is flameproof..

Mavic Air ID label

Fantastic service. Very helpful after I a made a small mistake with my order - they suggested alternatives as well due to the label being so small. Highly recommend and very fast delivery to the UK.

Efficient and fast

Not cheap for a label, but it is the perfect label for UK drone rules - but with room for you phone no. Incredibly fast delivery to UK

Good quality and good service

Delivered promptly for which many thanks.

Great product, fast shipment and delivery!

Great product, fast shipment and delivery!

Drone label

Very good work. It’s perfect.

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