Drone Label / Drone Tag with Operator-ID (CAA Registration UAS) for UK

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In the UK / GB / Great Britain / England / United Kingdom you need to register as a drone... more
Product information "Drone Label / Drone Tag with Operator-ID (CAA Registration UAS) for UK"

In the UK / GB / Great Britain / England / United Kingdom you need to register as a drone pilot or model aircraft pilot at the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and get your Operator-ID for your UAV (unmanned areal vehicle). The CAA registered Operator-ID has to be put on a drone-label or drone-tag which has to be mounted at the drone. This law / regulation concerns all common camera-drones independant of its weight. Even if the drone is below a weight of 250g but has a camera (like DJI Mavic Mini or DJI MINI 2) its operator needs to register and the drone needs to be tagged with the Drone Operator-ID (eID). This includes all commen drones like DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom, DJI Mavic Air, DJI Mavic Air 2, DJI Mavic MINI, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mavic Pro / Platinum, Parrot Anafi, FPV Racing Drones, all DJI Phantom models and even DJI Spark.

Our drone label fulfills all legal requirements and is the perfect solution:

  • The Operator-ID has to have a size / height of at least 3mm minimum
  • Clear block capitals
  • Secure and safe from damage
  • On the main body of the aircraft
  • Easy to read when the aircraft is on the ground                     

Attention: because of the required 3mm height / size of the Operator-ID on the drone-label and due to the extreme small size and weight of our nano-plaque, there is no space for any additional text on the plate. Please only put yourr Operator-ID into the text-field above.

Please enter your OperatorID (not your flyer ID) into the Entry-field for the labeling. This ID will be printed / lasered in 3mm size / height and with capital letters / digits / numbers.

The ID will be split into two lines - otherwhise it is impossible to achive the required font size - as shown on the sample pictures.

More details about the CAA registration and requirenments can be found here.

A drone sticker as drone label is not recommended - that is why we use our laser engraved fireproof and seld-adhesive aluminium label / plaque instead of a simple drone label sticker.

Drone-Label for UK / GB / England / Great Britain:

The Mini-Drone-Plaque "Nano-Flex" is produced with a High-Tec industrial precision laser. This might be worldwide the smallest and lightest drone lable available.

  • Nano Flex: even smaller, thinner, lighter and also conditionally flexible with the incredible dimensions of only 17,5 mm x 7,45 mm with a weight of only 0,18 gram and a thickness of 0,5 mm 

You can choose the color!


Regardless these incredible small dimensions, it is possible to put an additional optional secon line with your phone number, email or other information on this plaque - perfectly readable. Besides these comact dimensions especially the weight is another highlight of this product. The Nano-Flex Drone Label might be slightly bended because of its thin characteristic. So it can be fitted even onto difficult positions - in example at drones with a curved surface. The corners / edges of the Nano-Flex are rounded and the borders do have a clean cut.

Due to the duct tape on the backside of the lable (3M high-quality glue-tape) it is very easy to mount / stick this lable to your drone / quadcopter / plane.

This drone lable is fire resistant / fireproof and perfect for all RC planes, UAVs, drones and RC toys.
Perfectly for drones / drones with cameras / quadcopters like Dji Mavic Air, Dji Mavic Pro, Dji Phantom 4, Dji Phantom 3, Dji Inspire 1 and 2, Parrot Bebop, Yuneec Q500 and all other drones and copters.

Small dimensions means:

  • highly flexible in your choice of the perfect mounting position

lightweight means:

  • no negative influence on the aircraft behavior / flight time / battery lifetime / range / flight distance
  • no negative influenca at the flight behavior / maneuverability / 




Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green
Thickness: 0,5 mm
Weight: 0,18 Gramm
Dimensions: 17,5 x 7,45 mm
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"Drone Label / Drone Tag with Operator-ID (CAA Registration UAS) for UK"
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24 Jul 2023


Alles bestens. Schnelle Lieferung!

18 Jun 2023

Perfekt und schnelle Lieferung

16 Jun 2023

Superb product

Fantastic product. Excellent quality and delivered very quickly to the UK.

24 May 2023

Sehr schnelle Lieferung nach telefonischer Nachfrage. Sehr freundlich und sehr bemühte Mitarbeiterin !!!

Best choice

9 May 2023

Nice quality, attached to my drones.

Will definitely recommend to other drone fans.

12 Apr 2023

Schnelle Lieferung, günstiger Preis, sehr gute Qualität

1 Feb 2023

Brilliant label and service

Very quick service and simple to use/

29 Nov 2022

Great label

A very nice label that is perfect for drones in the UK. It's very small, and it places nicely on my Mavic 3 side arm next to the letter "Mavic 3" This is an extremely high-quality label and its easy to apply. Will buy this again.

5 Nov 2022

Bestellung, Lieferung alles ok!

Bestellung, Lieferung alles ok!

7 May 2022


Would give 11 if I could. Perfect for use in the UK. Fast shipping to Canada. Danke!

4 May 2022


Perfekte und schnelle Ausführung des Auftrages

20 Apr 2022

Excellent product

I love these little tags,they are very well made,and the writing is very tiny yet very visible,I highly recommend these tags

30 Mar 2022


Ich habe eine Plakette für England bestellt und bin sehr zufrieden. Meine Bestellung wurde blitzschnell versandt und die Verarbeitung ist makellos. 10/10. Vielen Dank!

22 Feb 2022

First class service. Received order quickly. Thank you.

10 Jan 2022


Very pleased. Fits perfect on the leg of my mini 2. Quality product.

13 Nov 2021

Superb service.

An excellent fast service who produced a perfect example of what I required.
Ein ausgezeichneter, schneller Service, der ein perfektes Beispiel dafür produzierte, was ich brauchte.

29 Jul 2021

Just what I needed

Reliable, fast, accurate and exactly as described. I have curiously not been able to find a UK company capable of providing this service. I will continue to use them.

5 Jul 2021

Fantastic tags

Have used these tags on my last 2 drones and not only are they extremely well made but they just look good on the drones themselves.

10 Jun 2021

Excellent product, with quick turnaround time. Fit;s easily on Mavic Mini 1

13 Apr 2021

Fully recommended.

I’d fully recommend this product as it looks better than any other method for displaying your operator ID.

11 Apr 2021

Highly recommend

Used on my DJI Mavic Air 2 and it is perfect, well worth the money. Easy shipping to the UK

6 Mar 2021


Great quality product - clear print label and attaches perfectly onto my Mavic Mini

2 Mar 2021

Great label

Excellent product, not cheap, but it looks as if it should be there and not just stuck on. Fast delivery. Will definitely use again.

27 Feb 2021

Great Service

No issues, very happy with this professional product.

4 Feb 2021


Nice, neat solution, looks great on the aircraft. Highly recommend. Be careful to get it straight when you're attaching it, you don't want to have to remove and reattach.

14 Jan 2021

Does what it says on the tin!

Exactly what is needed for UK law when flying drones in uk - right sizing, stuck on well - correct printing - designed not to interfere with the drone itself plus the weight is superb - 0.18g - thank you!

8 Jan 2021

First Purchase

Great service and fast delivery. Not the cheapest, but when the product arrives it is clear to see the high quality. Well done!

29 Dec 2020

Top product !

Always exellent products recieved!

26 Dec 2020

Excellent Product

This is exactly what I needed for my drone. Small but still fits the CAA requirements for text size. It’s well made and sticks very well to the drone.

16 Sep 2020

Fantastic tags

These are Fantastic tags that look far better than sticky labels which a lot of other sellers sell. I hated the look of a cheap label on my brand new drone and so as soon as I found these I loved the design and look of them.
Delivery was quick and photos just don’t do these justice. They look so much better when you get them.
Certainly will be ordering again when needed

24 Jun 2020

Good CAA compliment drone label. Customisation available. Adhesive quality could be better. Prompt delivery to UK.

21 Jun 2020


Not a cheap option, but very high quality, with excellent service and fast delivery. Highly recommended!

18 May 2020

Quality Product

Great quality product & very speedy delivery. Highly recommended.

27 Apr 2020

quality product

After looking around for a quality durable tag which was UK compliant I settled on these from shop.drohnen.de their process for ordering and customisation is excellent and allows for different countries laws on font and tag size. The product itself is of excellent quality which you would expect when its made from aluminium and laser engraved. I believe this product will last the test of time and its handy there is an option to add an email address or phone number under the operator ID

25 Apr 2020

Would buy again

Not the cheapest option, but by far the most durable. Easy to apply, fully UK regulation compliant and with enough room for your phone number. A must buy item for any UK pilot.

26 Jan 2020

Top quality

I'm sure it will last much longer than stickers or transfers. It's also very small but clearly legible and can be put anywhere. The only downside is that it is very expensive.

19 Dec 2019

Efficient and fast

Not cheap for a label, but it is the perfect label for UK drone rules - but with room for you phone no. Incredibly fast delivery to UK

22 Nov 2019

Repeat buyer

Ordered drone labels for the third time here to be compliant with German and UK drone marking requirements. Delivery to the UK has always been faster than advertised and quality is top notch. Will buy here again!

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